Jonathan Glazer’s “Strasbourg 1518” is brutal, impactful, and dazzling. ⠀

Shot during London COVID lockdown, the 10 mins short film exudes a sense of helplessness and sorrow. Compare to the time when the strange “dancing plague” happened in Strasbourg, France 500 years ago, our nowadays technology and knowledge have far far advanced beyond medieval Europe era. Still, we aren’t able to use technology to defeat the epidemic.⠀

But at the same time, director Glazer seems to hope that during this moment when everyone is isolated from each other, dancing can be a prescription for comfort and healing, showing the perseverance and freedom of our minds, connecting the past and present, and continuously sending messages to the future.⠀

“Strasbourg 1518” is extremely hard to watch and hard to turn away. It delivers the inherent beauty and vitality of human beings. We all have right to live, to breathe, and to enjoy our lives. Here, “Strasbourg 1518” shares with us the true meaning of being alive.


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  • Distributor: BBC (UK) and MUBI (Worldwide)
  • Production: Academy Films, Sadler’s Wells, BBC Arts, BBC Films, and Artangel 
  • Director: Jonathan Glazer
  • Writer: Jonathan Glazer

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